launch x431 diagun FAQ Hardware

Question: Why does the LCD screen respond so slowly?
Answer: It is because the ambient temperature is close to the lower limit of operating temperature range (0-50℃). In this situation, it is necessary to warm up the machine for 20 minutes before test.

Question: There is no character on the backlit screen. What should I do?
Answer: Check if the power is well connected. Turn off the machine, unplug the power connector and re-plug it. Turn on the machine after it has been connected to the power for 1 second.

Question: Why does X431Diagun fail in communication with ECU?
Answer: Please make sure that the diagnostic connector and diagnostic program are matching vehicle make.

Question: The screen keeps blank after flashing when the machine is turned on. What should I do?
Answer: Take out the TF card and re-start the machine to see if there is normal display. If the display is normal when the TF card is taken out, the TF card should be replaced. If the screen is still blank, please contact the local service engineer.

Question: Why can’t the data be inputted after Soft Keyboard is activated?
Answer: The position where the cursor lies can’t be edited. Or you have not activated the cursor on the input position. Please use the stylus to click the part to edit. When the cursor twinkles, you can input the data.

Question: Why does the saved data disappear?
Answer: There are two possible causes:
1. Your TF card is damaged.
2. You’ve changed language and the data is related to language. You mayfind the data after switching back to the former language.

Question: The screen does not respond or responds wrongly when I click it with stylus. What should I do?
Answer: It is necessary to calibrate the screen. Please refer to the section 2.5.2 in User’s Manual.

Question: What can I do when the screen is confused?
Answer: Please quit the current application (interface), and run it again. If the problem still exists, please restart the system.

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