Start device

launch x431 diagun guide Start device

1 Power on
Press [POWER] key in the top right-hand corner of the main unit top. Main unit will display the initialization screen, as shown below.
Note: Power off by pressing [POWER] key for 5 seconds at least.

After reading the system bar on the initialization screen, operate following the indication, as shown below.

2.Calibrate Touch Screen
The initialization screen will skip to the calibration screen in 12 seconds, as shown on the left. Click the “+” on the screen accurately and orderly. After it changes, you complete a calibration. If you don’t want to calibrate, press the power key to skip the calibration screen.
Note: If you don’t click “+” accurately, the “+” will be present on the screen again and again, until the calibration completes.

The screen as shown on the left will appear after the touch screen calibration successes. You can click to enter the system interface by manual, or wait for 30 seconds to enter automatically.

3 Taskbar
There is a taskbar at the bottom of X-431Diagun system desktop shown on the below.

A Start Button: the same method as Windows98/XP.
B Network Connection Icon: displays network connection state. (when connected to PC)
C Battery Icon: indicates the battery state. (for details to see 2.6)
D Time: sets the time, data and time zone by double-clicking here with the touch kit.
E Soft Keyboard Icon: displays and hides the soft keyboard, when the soft keyboard is activated, there are two types of input method to select, they are: 1. Manual; 2. English.
F Switch Icon: displays the desktop, and switches among the interfaces.

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